Before starting your preparation to apply to business school, you need to be sure you have chosen the right MBA programs depending on your needs and preferences. So say “hello” to the 360° MBA Ranking. Rolled out in December 2023 by the global MBA matching and connection platform Unimy, the new interactive tool offers a fresh perspective on business school rankings. The innovative ranking places candidates at the heart of the MBA selection journey by enabling them to customize their criteria for selecting an MBA program themselves. The 360° MBA Ranking is also unique in incorporating Unimy’s Cultural Fit Index, which helps prospective students find the school culture that suits them best.

Are current MBA rankings good enough?

While conventional MBA rankings can be useful for professionals looking up different programs, they provide a much too generic view of business schools. A candidate’s individual preferences are often left behind. Unimy’s 360° MBA Ranking addresses this gap by offering a resource personalized by each individual user and backed by a global study examining organizational culture and campus life.

By using data from the reputable Financial Times MBA Rankings and US News Rankings, combined with Unimy’s Cultural Fit Index, the platform presents candidates with a personalized view of the most suitable business schools based on their chosen criteria.

What is Unimy’s cultural fit?

The inclusion of the Cultural Fit Index is essential to the 360° MBA Ranking as it empowers candidates to discover business schools with similar cultural practices. Finding an MBA program with the right cultural fit can have a significant impact on the success of one’s studies. As part of the new Unimy ranking, candidates have the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the cultural fit of business schools through specially designed questionnaires.

The Cultural Fit Index measures those less tangible norms and behaviors that people are used to in their everyday life and compares them to global MBA programs. In that way, candidates can easily find the top program that encourages teamwork over individual performance, for example. Or they can find international business schools where casual outfits are the accepted norm rather than strictly business attire.

The 360° Ranking is an exciting addition to Unimy’s suite of tools which are all free to use and designed to aid candidates worldwide in the different stages of their MBA journey.

How to personalize your own 360° MBA Ranking

The Unimy MBA ranking uses several different factors to help prospective applicants personalize and filter their results. These include Cultural Fit, Career Outcomes, Diversity, Faculty, and High/Low Acceptance Rate. After choosing the criteria that matter most to you (taking up no more than 1 minute of your time), you get your top 100 MBA programs ordered according to your specific preferences.

By emphasizing the value of cultural fit and enabling candidates to design their own rankings, Unimy has created a ranking tool that reflects the individuality of each MBA applicant. This personalized approach not only helps in the MBA selection process, but also reminds us of the importance of thorough MBA preparation.

Explore Unimy’s new interactive feature and discover your own personalized 360° MBA Ranking.