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  • It’s not necessarily a bad thing when a candidate has been waitlisted. The university is still interested in you. However something is holding them back from making the final decision.
  • The top three reasons candidates are put on waitlists are: low GPA or test scores, gaps in quantitative knowledge, and having unclear career goals after your MBA.
  • Your decision might also be held up because your profile is very similar to another candidate’s. Admissions’ committees would like to have a balance in the types of students they admit, allowing for a more diverse cohort.
  • There might be a slight weakness to your application that makes the admissions’ team wonder whether to admit you. If you strongly believe this is the case, and you’ve already gotten another offer, you can consider giving away your spot. Stacy explains:

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Ultimately, the decision to stay on the waitlist depends on your interest level in that particular MBA program. If it’s your top choice, you may want to remain on the list until school begins. This could mean moving quickly and giving up a deposit on a school that has offered you firm admission. If the program is not your first choice, or you would like to settle your MBA plans before school starts, you may choose to remove your name from the list. If that’s the case, do so promptly and give someone else a chance of fulfilling their MBA dream.

  • Each school has different waitlist policies, so make sure you have read and understood them in their entirety.

Useful Information:

  • Don’t bombard the admissions’ department with constant e-mails asking whether you’ll be admitted. Try to make every interaction with them add value to your profile.


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    Source: Stacy Blackman