This is a video recording of the webinar hosted by PrepAdviser on April 10, 2019. Its speaker was Hermina Kooyman, Deputy Director of Global Education Programs at Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands). The discussion focused on how to write a cover letter and successfully apply for MSM’s Master’s in Management program.


The Netherlands has long been known as a cultural and political hub, a place where people from all walks of life can meet and collaborate. Between the endless bicycle lanes and delicious local cheeses, the country houses some of the oldest and most respected business schools and universities in Europe. Hermina Kooyman tells us all about writing an outstanding motivation letter. 

The MSM student experience

The Maastricht School of Management is among the reputable business schools in Europe. Around five hundred students from all around the world are accepted in the school every year. The learning process centers around real business case issues corresponding to present-day market supply and demand. The small intake guarantees that the school’s approach to teaching is more personal, with a focus on practical issues.

The school aims to teach you how to be successful in your field. As such, a lot of effort is put into teaching students how to create meaningful connections though networking events. The school also assists you in finding a job via various career and development programs, workshops, career fairs and meetings with representatives from major companies.

So, how to prepare an outstanding motivation letter for the twelve-month Master’s in Management program?

How to style your motivation letter

First and foremost, your MSM motivation letter should not be templated. This means that you should not send the same letter to all business schools and universities where you are applying for admission. Instead, make it personal, so as to better inform the admissions committee why you are a good fit for their school focusing on personal achievements, career plans, and work experience. Hermina adds:

A motivation letter shows more of your personality than a CV, or a grade transcript.

However, avoid overselling yourself as that will deter recruiters. It is an excellent approach to emphasize your strengths and the areas of improvement that you can address at graduate school, and what makes you unique. The school is looking for smart individuals with certain skills and work experience, who possess specific traits that set them apart from their peers. As such, volunteering experience is welcome as long as it is relevant to the chosen program.

Before drafting the motivation letter, do your homework. You should research MSM, its programs and their curricula, as well as all activities the school offers.

A little humor in your motivation letter can go a long way but, as Hermina tells us, the tone of the letter should be professional. Guidelines about the length and content of the MSM motivation letter are available on the school’s website.

To learn more about Maastricht School of Management’s Master’s in Management program, sources of funding your studies and guidelines for international applicants, watch the entire webinar recording complete with thorough explanations from Hermina Kooyman, Deputy Director of Global Education Programs!