This video will provide you with an understanding of the crucial mistakes to avoid when preparing for an important exam. Bypassing these mistakes will ensure more productive and effective studying.

1. Writing too much

When you worry about getting every single word on paper during a highly theoretical class, your mind focuses on your tempo rather than the words being spoken. Instead, write down only the key points. Listening to your professor’s speech stores the information in your brain since you’re much more concentrated on learning in a constructive way, rather than just sorting words in your notebook.

2. Rewriting your notes

If you think rewriting your notes actually helps you memorise information, that’s probably because you didn’t pay enough attention in class. Try to reread them instead! The fact that you have already written them once should help you memorise them faster just by reading them. Rewriting will only waste your time.

3. Reading your books instead of studying them

When you read a book you probably don’t remember every single plot point. That’s okay when you are reading for fun, but when you study for your finals you have to change your tactics. First of all, read slowly and make the effort to understand every single page. Read word by word, consult a dictionary, write down any questions and try to make the most out of every single paragraph of your book or notes.

4. Worrying about memorising instead of learning

From the moment you view your studying sessions as a boring task, your brain loses all interest and your ability to learn drops. Trying to remember lists of terms and definitions by heart will take you twice as long as if you study with interest and motivation. Find out where this information will be useful in your life and studying will become much more enjoyable.

5. Setting unrealistic goals

Climbing from a “C” to an “A” in one semester, studying 8 hours every day, enrolling in all the optional classes in your school – these are all unrealistic goals. Your motivation isn’t enough and too much of it can seriously affect your academic life. Stop focusing on what you’d rather be if you were the perfect student. Instead of stressing out, reward yourself for the small victories on your way to your final goals.