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Quick Facts:

  • The GMAT assesses your analytical writing and critical thinking, problem-solving skills to see if you would be able to translate them to solve real business problems.
  • Your reason for taking the exam is in order to gain admission to graduate programs such as the MBA. The GMAT is accepted in over 2,100 universities worldwide in 114 countries. It has more than 600 test centres globally.
  • Your GMAT score will be valid for up to 5 years.
  • After completing the exam, you will be able to view your Official Score Report online using your date of birth.
  • You can convert your GRE score to GMAT using online tools, to help you decide if you should take the other test if needed.
  • The GRE is usually required by graduate schools in North America. Sometimes it also serves as a selection criteria for jobs.
  • The GRE has over 1000 test centres in 160 countries, and its computer-delivered test is available throughout the year.
  • Your GRE score will be valid for 5 years.

Useful Information:

  • Make sure you clearly read the requirements of the program you are applying to. India Today comments:

Selected Quote:

Both tests are accepted at many business schools; however, it's worth researching the schools you're interested in to make sure both test scores are permitted.

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