Corporate Finance Essentials will enable you to understand key financial issues related to companies, investors, and the interaction between them in the capital markets. By the end of this course you should be able to understand most of what you read in the financial press and use the essential financial vocabulary of companies and finance professionals

About the course

The course consists of six sessions. Each session is self-contained, requiring no previous knowledge or preparation. Each session will consist of video lectures totaling 45-60 minutes, and will be complemented by one or two recommended readings (technical notes) that the instructor will refer to during each lecture and that will be made available alongside each video lecture.

Performance in the course will be evaluated on the basis of three quizzes, to be released after the second, fourth, and sixth sessions. These quizzes will ask you to apply the concepts and issues discussed and help you to assess your understanding of them.

Starting date: 14 September 2015

Duration: 6 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week

Language: English

Institution: IESE Business School

Educator: Prof. Javier Estrada

Platform: Coursera