About the course

This course draws upon positive psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and philosophy to guide participants in proactively crafting their own work experience. It weaves inputs from these various fields into a series of lectures and experiential exercises.

This course is for anyone who wants to reinvent the way they currently approach and experience their work and their career. It takes an inside-out approach to create change. The focus is on working on one’s own mental models and beliefs with regard to work, career, success, failure, and identity.

Participants will benefit on three levels.

At an intellectual level, they will learn how the brain functions, the way emotions influence the functioning of the brain, and the way the brain receives, processes and makes sense of information. Participants will understand how sense-making in the brain directly and indirectly translates into behavior; thereby influencing a person’s subjective as well as objective experience at work.

At an experiential level, participants will get to participate in reflective exercises that will allow them to gain a richer and deeper awareness of their own past experiences. They will be able to see and understand the role that their own choices, attitudes and beliefs played in the way their life has unfolded so far. They will also be able to realize the role that other people and society have played in the shaping of their beliefs and attitudes.

At a practical level, participants will learn tried and tested tools that will help them create the change they desire and craft their own future work experience with greater levels of confidence and effectiveness. These include emotional tools from the field of positive psychology, psychological tools that are used in coaching, and established behavioral tools from the field of organizational behavior.

The course is practical, engaging, and potent in its design with a unique mix of lectures, stories, and reflective exercises. These reflective exercises have been shown to create deep and lasting change for the participants. They have been derived over a span of eight years from the instructor’s own experiences teaching this material to MBA students and corporate executives.

What you will learn

By the end of this course you will know:

  • How beliefs, thoughts, and emotions influence behavior and experience;
  • Ways to assess your own mental models and attitudes and recognize how they have shaped your experiences so far;
  • Practical tools to leverage your own mental models and emotions to craft your future work experience.

About the instructor

Dr. Ramya Ranganathan is currently a visiting faculty at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. She is an Electrical, Electronics, and Communications engineer from IIT Madras and holds a PGDM (MBA) from IIM Ahmedabad. Ramya worked in the corporate world with blue chip companies like ICICI, Infosys and Citibank, before she embarked on a quest to learn how she could help people (and herself) flourish better at work. As part of understanding the person-work relationship, Ramya studied organizational behavior at London Business School and she has a Masters of Research as well as a Doctorate in Management from London Business School. Ramya has dedicated her life to helping people find joy and meaning through their work and has touched over 10,000 participants through various programs and courses over the past eight years. Her style of teaching is unique in effortlessly blending intellectual left brained logic with intuitive right brained reflection.

Duration: 7 weeks, 2-4 hours per week

Language: English

Instructor: Ramya Ranganathan

Institution: IIMB - Indian Institute of Management Bangalore