The aim of the course is to help you chart your own path through your future with more confidence and ability to succeed. This is an important set of skills as we live in a turbulent period of transition.

Businesses and entire economies are struggling to finally leave behind Industrial Age ways of thinking and embrace a digitally-driven world where the rules and what is valued are completely different.

About the course

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to enhance and redefine:

- Personal views and managerial practices that incorporate contemporary workforce needs

-  What matters in the future of work

-  What an engaged workforce looks like

- How leaders must lead teams and organisations

- Company structures that are needed in order to succeed in the future

- Your role in the future


Week 1: The Future of Work: A New Lens

Week 2: The Future of Work: From the Crucible

Week 3: Reaching Out, Searching Begins

Week 4: Reaching Out, Searching Continues

Week 5: Reaching Out, Searching: Connect the Dots

Week 6: Design Your Future

Start date: 20April, 2015

Length of the course: 6 weeks

Language: English

University: Quincy College

Platform: Canvas