About this course

Global Business in Practice helps you understand the impact globalisation has on global trade and how companies need to react. Business schools are very good at compiling theories; this course adds value by combining those theories with the practical realities faced by top executives and exploring the management of global business from their perspectives. Leading industry experts will be featured throughout the course, including:

- Joseph P. Baratta, Global Head of Private Equity at Blackstone; - Maximo J. Blandon, Managing Director at Stephens Inc.; - Mark G. Del Rosso, Executive Vice President & COO of Audi of America; - Thomas J. DeRosa, CEO and Director of Welltower; - Fabrizio Freda, President & CEO of The Estée Lauder Companies; - Franck J. Moison, Vice Chairman at Colgate-Palmolive; - Roxana Pierce, Of Counsel at Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP; - Monica Vidal, Partner at MVS Global Consulting Services; - Stephanie von Friedeburg, CIO and VP for Information and Technology Solutions at the World Bank Group.

You will understand the horizontal nature of practical problem- solving rather than the vertical work and learning that traditionally happens in functional silos. Through this course, you will come to explicitly understand that globalisation affects every country regardless of its economic, political or social situation. In this context, as countries endeavour to adapt their policies to new demands, companies deploy strategies to attain an increasingly globally integrated production system. The globalised world forces us to seek and develop appropriate ways to undergo this process. Today, discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation are insignificant and unimportant in the face of the great need to determine the essential conditions for countries, companies and individuals to really benefit from it.

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A fundamental knowledge of core business disciplines is clearly a “must” for aspiring global leaders, but the complexity of the global world requires us to push the envelope and extend the limits of what is possible. Join this course to explore the future of global business leadership.

What you will learn

You will come away from this course with the foundational knowledge of what it takes to be a “Global Ready Leader” and will be able to use key findings about the workings of globalisation to make more informed decisions in a business context. You will be able to:

• understand the practical complexities of globalisation and how it affects the business environment regardless of the current economic, political or social context;

• articulate how global challenges are becoming increasingly complex by gaining insights from executives at different multinational corporations;

• conceptualise the differences in global business orientations and apply them to specific situations (i.e., multinational, global, glocal) using academic frameworks;

• explain how regulations and geopolitical forces shape global business environments and create both tensions and opportunities in the context of global business;

• articulate how the global environment is changing and forcing companies to develop sustainability practices based on creating economic value by creating societal value;

• appreciate how global supply chains are the response to the increasing integration of international markets as firms try to remain competitive.

About the main instructors

Ricardo Ernst is Professor of Operations and Global Logistics at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and Managing Director of its Global Business Initiative and Latin American Board. He co-directs the Global Logistics Research Programme, and one of the courses he teaches is "Global Business in Practice," a capstone course for second-year MBA students at Georgetown University who are preparing for consulting experience abroad.

Marc L. Busch (Ph.D., Columbia University) is the Karl F. Landegger Professor of International Business Diplomacy at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Professor of Government and Professor of Business Administration at Georgetown University. He is an expert in international trade policy and law. He serves as a member of the Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Standards and Technical Trade Barriers (ITAC-16), a public-private group reporting to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the United States Trade Representative.

Joseph Baratta is Global Head of Private Equity and a member of the firm's Management Committee. Since joining Blackstone in 1998, Mr. Baratta has been involved in the execution of Blackstone’s investments in Universal Orlando, Nycomed Pharmaceuticals, Houghton Mifflin, Spirit Group and was responsible for Blackstone's investments in First Eagle Investment Management, Seaworld Parks and Entertainment, Merlin Entertainments Group, Center Parcs, Tragus Group, Southern Cross and ICS Group.

Duration: 7 weeks, 2-3 hours per week

Language: English

Instructors: Ricardo Ernst, Marc Busch, Joseph P. Baratta, Maximo J. Blandon, Mark G Del Rosso, Thomas J. DeRosa, Fabrizio Freda, Franck J. Moison, Roxana Pierce, Monica Vidal Stephanie von Friedeburg, Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg, Alvaro Fernandez Garza and Miguel Puig

Institution: Georgetown University