If you have done your research on the exam, you are probably aware that the test has several sections. One of them is the Quantitative Section. It measures your ability to analyse data and draw conclusions from it, using reasoning skills. In order to understand and solve the questions in this section of the GMAT exam, you also need to refresh your high school mathematics knowledge and skills. The good news is that one does not need to be a maths person to score high on the exam. You can succeed with plenty of practice and some smart GMAT tips to use to your advantage.


In this video Brian Galvin from Veritas Prep discusses the asset that most test takers overlook when taking the test: the answer choices. He teaches you how to use the answer choices to your advantage and solve the questions correctly. His advice is to consider all answer choices before you start doing maths. He explains:

Business is all about leveraging assets. So it’s only fitting that business school entrance test would reward you for leveraging assets. Answer choices are the most overlooked assets available in Problem Solving questions.

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