This video lesson begins by explaining the “anatomy of a Data Sufficiency question”. You will learn how to identify the “question stem”, the “statements” and how to work with the answer choices without reading them.

Data Sufficiency has traditionally been considered the GMAT’s trickiest family of questions. That is why the instructor demonstrates the value of strategies such as “Why Are You Here?”, “The Power of Construct Thinking”, and “The Reward System”. In this way you will be equipped with the toolset of structural thinking. This is the key to finding the right answers under the pressure of limited time. You will learn to avoid, and even laugh at, “trap answers” on your way to success in this important part of the GMAT.

This lesson is rooted in strategy. It shows students the “rules of the game” of this unique type of quantitative question. In addition this video lesson, just as lessons one and two, demonstrates how those rules can work to a test-taker’s advantage to achieve a higher score.

This video is part of the Free GMAT Classes with Veritas Prep, organised by PrepAdviser – the Global Preparation Network for MBA and Master’s Applicants in October 2014.

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