People who thrive in business are the ones who naturally market themselves to the right people in the right way. Self-marketing does not have to be an onerous process if your marketing components are designed based on who you are. There are some points that would make self-promotion natural, whether you're looking for a job or working your way up the corporate ladder.

In order to really stand out from the crowd, you simply have to be yourself and be confident about the work you have done, in order to reach your current position. This course will help you explore your success more deeply as well as the meaning it has to you. Moreover, it will provide you with the skills to document your experience and identify evidence of your skills.

About the course

Most people change their jobs multiple times with many making dramatic career shifts. Learn how to document your cumulative work and life experience.

This course investigates the current career environment, with the use of case studies and a series of unique audit tools. It will challenge you to explore your successes and what success really means to you. Moreover, it will develop your capacity to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses.

You will also learn about credentials – contemporary recognition of the skills and capabilities you have built during your life and career. Providing evidence of what you can do can often signify more than formal qualifications.

 What you will learn

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain what success means to you;
  • Identify your core sellable skills;
  • Create a portfolio to document current experience;
  • Identify evidence of these skills from your experience.


This course is aimed at professionals who are considering a career change. It will be particularly appealing to mid-career professionals looking to plan their next step.

This course is also a free introduction to a unique Deakin University postgraduate degree in Information Technology, which allows you to earn credentials based on your industry experience.

Deakin University is a pioneer in the field of digital credentials and recognition of prior learning. The Professional Practice degrees enable you to evidence your professional experience and use this to earn a Professional Practice Credential. The university’s revolutionary model recognises experience and allows you to demonstrate your skills in the workplace. You can earn credentials for a range of skills and stack them into a Professional Practice Qualification.

About the instructors

Dr. Nicholas Patterson (Ph. D) is an academic professional and Alfred Deakin Medalist in Information Technology and Criminology, who has been involved in cyber-security research projects and teaching.

Guy Wood-Bradley is an academic professional in Information Technology with teaching and research interests in human-computer interaction, interactive, and virtual technologies.

Starting date: 10 July, 2017

Duration: 2 weeks, 3 hours per week

Language: English

Instructors: Nicholas Patterson and Guy Wood-Bradley

Institution: Deakin University