Organisations around the world are collecting more data than ever. They are talking about big data, data science, business intelligence, analytics, data mining, and data visualisation, and there is an urgent need for people with the data skills to understand, interpret, and communicate this information.

It’s all about using statistical data to predict behaviours and extract insights about the real world. From businesses, governments, and service organisations to researchers, data has become everybody’s business.

About the course

Data to Insight provides an introduction to statistical data analysis for those new to the subject as well as those wanting a reminder and a fresh perspective.

The course focuses on data exploration and discovery, showing you what to look for in statistical data, however large it may be. You will also learn about some of the limitations of data and what you can do to avoid being misled. Data visualisations are used during the course, designed to teach you these skills quickly, and introduce you to the basic concepts you need to start understanding the world through data.

The goal of this free online course is to help you learn to think like a statistician.

What you will learn

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Explore fundamental statistical concepts;
  • Create visual and numerical representations of data;
  • Interpret data analysis outputs;
  • Discuss possible interpretations of statistical data.


This course assumes very little experience with statistical ideas and concepts. The software you will use is powerful yet simple to use. It is already being used with ease by high school students around New Zealand.

You will need to be comfortable thinking in terms of percentages, have basic Microsoft Excel skills, and a Windows or Macintosh computer to download and install our iNZight software.

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About the instructors

Lead educator for “Data to Insight”, Chris Wild’s interests are data from complex sampling, statistical thinking and reasoning processes, and visualisation. See:

Tracey Meek helped design the Data to Insight course and is passionate about accessibility to quality education for all.

Starting date: 2 October, 2017

Duration: 8 weeks, 3 hours per week

Language: English

Instructors: Chris Wild and Tracey Meek

Institution: The University of Auckland


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