This is a free course in English, with subtitles in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Ukrainian making it accessible and useful to a huge international audience. The Introduction to Finance online course will introduce you to a really awesome world. You will discover that finance is neither boring, nor technical or distant, as many people presume.

We selected this course also because finance is an essential part of any business or management programme, and of any business venture. A basic knowledge in finance is really helpful for any prospective student in an MBA or Master’s programme in business, management or related fields. Often, such knowledge is even a prerequisite for enrolment to such programmes. Last but not least, finance knowledge is also a valuable skill for your everyday life.

Finance is all around us and is not just a tool, but a way of thinking

shares Professor Kaul, a faculty member at the University of Michigan Business School.  This is a field of study, which teaches you how to value projects and companies and even how to determine an individual’s value.

About the course

This course is primarily devoted to the fundamental principles of valuation. The course will teach you about the concepts of time value of money and risk and how to apply them in order to understand the major determinants of value creation. The course emphasises both theory and real world examples to demonstrate how to value any asset. Learn more about the course and its syllabus.

Start date: 2 February, 2015

Language: English, with subtitles available in Chinese, English, Portuguese and Ukrainian.

Length: 15 weeks

School: University of Michigan

Professor: Gautam Kaul

Platform: Coursera