The process of translating an idea or invention into a product or service that creates value – this is what we call innovation. If you want to be highly successful, you need to not only be innovative, but also have an understanding of how to manage innovation.

About the course

Sometimes innovation happens more by accident than design. This is because many organisations don’t know that to make innovation happen on an ongoing and consistent basis, the innovation process must be systematically managed.

This CPD course will prepare you to lead innovation initiatives by identifying the key challenges to innovation. It offers you practical insights on how to drive innovation effectively within either an established organisation or a growing venture.

Learn how to manage innovation by completing this free online course from world-renowned academics in strategy and innovation: Dr. Matthew Mount, Professor Krsto Pandza, Professor Tyrone Pitsis, and Dr Liz Mason from the Leeds University Business School; together with ‎Tony Morgan, an Executive Architect at IBM.

What you will learn

In this course you will:

  • Understand why organisations need to establish an innovation process and manage innovation systematically.
  • Learn the key challenges in implementing innovation and develop analytical skills to strategically identify them.
  • Identify managerial approaches to organise innovation processes.
  • Examine the types of innovation strategies and innovation dynamics an organisation should focus on.
  • Explore the key supporting capabilities to generate successful innovative ideas such as open innovation and design thinking.
  • Understand how to manage intellectual property in order to get the most from the innovation you develop.
  • Identify what successful innovators do differently through case studies and examples of innovation from the global technology company IBM and other industries.

To successfully manage innovation, you need to put the right enablers in place. You can use innovation to drive significant value in your core businesses of today for what plan to do tomorrow.

Join this course today to start your journey in managing for innovation.


This course is seeking certification from the CPD Certification service so that it can be used to provide evidence of your continuing professional development.


The course is ideal for anyone with an active interest or role in innovation management who wishes to improve their knowledge of the subject. It is aimed at employees and managers at profit and non-profit organisations of different sizes, ages and sectors. Junior academic researchers from the fields of science and engineering, as well as managers from public/governmental organisations, may also be interested in the course. The course is designed to be flexible so you can study at a time convenient to you.

About the instructors

Matthew Mount is Assistant Professor of Strategy and Innovation. He is an expert in the area of open innovation and open strategy.

Krsto Pandza is a Professor of Strategy and Innovation at the Leeds University Business School.

Tony Morgan is an Executive Architect at IBM and a RAEng Visiting Professor in Innovation at the University of Leeds.

Tyrone Pitsis is a Professor of Strategy at the University of Leeds. He is an expert in strategy in collaborative projects and design thinking.

Liz Mason is a Senior Teaching Fellow in International Business. She is an expert in the area of Intellectual Property Rights.

Starting date: 20 March, 2017

Duration: 2 weeks, 4 hours per week

Language: English

Instructors: Matt Mount, Krsto Pandza, Tony Morgan, Tyrone Pitsis, Liz Mason

Institution: University of Leeds