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Quick Facts:

  • Internships are becoming essential to secure a job at a well-recognized firm.
  • 90% of companies surveyed by GMAC in 2017 reported offering internships to students.
  • In a large pool of successful MBAs, sometimes a strong CV is not enough for a company to hire a student for a full-time position, so instead it opts to test the waters out first.
  • Budget cuts are one reason firms are increasing the number of internships offered to MBA students.
  • Michael Schade of IBM estimates that one in four interns in his company has a postgraduate degree. He adds:

Selected Quote:

Seeing MBA students in a business environment also helps the company to decide whom to employ in the future. We’ve found the idea of ‘try before you buy’ quite successful in a very competitive market. A very high percentage of MBA interns are offered a job at the end of their program—probably more than 75%. They arrive in every arm of IBM’s business.

Useful Information:

  • Companies view internships as a way to avoid making a hiring mistake. Once you are accepted as an intern, try your best to perform well, stay motivated and your position might become a permanent job.

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Source: The Economist