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Quick Facts:

  • Recent results from surveys by LinkedIn and McKinsey show that communication skills are in high demand and low supply.
  • A growing number of companies are using video as an interviewing method. Some ways you can maximize your chances of making a good impression on your potential employer during the video interview are: dressing professionally, using good lighting in a quiet office environment, having proper posture, smiling and making eye contact. Also, remember to keep your answers succinct and to the point, while giving specific examples.

Useful Information:

  • Remember to stick to the rule of three. Our brains can only retain up to five main points in our short term memory. You should mention three reasons you deserve the job, three ways your skills will add value to, and enrich, the company and, finally, three resume highlights. It’s not enough to simply list your achievements and accomplishments. Carmine explains:

Selected Quote:

The best rhetorical tool we have to convey emotion is a story. When a recruiter asks, “Tell us about yourself,” it is not an invitation to walk through the bullet points on a resume. Have one or two stories in your pocket that highlight the value you can add. They can be stories of how you overcame an especially vexing problem or how you motivated a team to do more than they thought possible.”

  • By reading any publications the CEO has written and discussing them, you will definitely stand out from the other applicants.
  • Practice performing a sales pitch. After doing your research on the company and the products and services they provide, prove your ability to communicate convincingly offering valuable insight and knowledge.

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Source: Forbes