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  • Upon graduation, and long afterwards, you might be contacted by executive recruiting (ER) agencies that will connect you to a well-recognized company looking for you to fill their position.
  • Keeping that in mind, creating relationships with recruiters from different firms is critical. You can call each recruiter and fill them in on your achievements, career progress, and explain the type of position you are interested in. Are you still in search of recruiters? In this case, the networking skills you’ve developed during your MBA come into play, and you can talk to close friends from your school to refer you to them. Kimberly explains:

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Here is how this will work. A recruiter from Company Y will call your friend and say that they are looking to hire a Brand Manager for Coke (for example). They will then ask your friend if they are interested. Your friend will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and then the recruiter will ask for a reference: ‘Do you know of anybody who might be a good fit for this job?’ You want your friend to say: ‘You should contact Adrian. He was one of the brightest and nicest graduates in my class and a real talent. Here is his contact information.’ At this point the recruiter will hopefully contact you.

  • Another way to approach recruiters is by asking your friends for their contact information, and telling them they referred you. Do this in a short e-mail and don’t give them any reason to ignore your request.
  • Remember to be respectful by answering their calls, returning emails and thanking them for any advice they give you. Also, help them by providing referrals if they ask, and finally make sure the CV you have given them is updated.
  • Alumni who have been working 3-5 years after graduating with an MBA have a solid and polished CV. Compare yours to theirs, and make any necessary changes before contacting a recruiter.

Useful Information:

  • Apart from executive recruiters, make a list of 10 people who might be able to help you land your dream job. You should make a plan of how you will approach them and how you will stay in contact with them.

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  Source: Forbes