We all negotiate on a daily basis – both on personal and corporate level. No business is able to sustain itself without profitable contacts; that is why negotiation is the key to business success. High-level negotiation skills are a must for any young professional aspiring to MBA studies or a Master’s programme in management or business.

“Successful Negotiation Skills” is a free self-paced online course taught in English providing 8.5 hours of videos. It is suitable for a wide audience.

During the course you will benefit from a “practical, holistic introduction to the strategies and skills that can lead to successful negotiations in your personal life and in business transactions.” It covers the four most essential stages of negotiation: planning, negotiating, creating a contract, and performing the contract.

The course, based on the aforementioned stages, examines:

 -What are the key elements in a negotiation analysis, including your reservation price, stretch goal, alternatives to the deal that you are negotiating, and zone of potential agreement?

-What guidelines should you use when faced with ethical questions?

-What is your source of power in negotiations and how can you increase that power?

-What psychological tools can you use during negotiations and what psychological traps should you avoid?

-What are the four key contract law questions that should be on your negotiation checklist?

-What concepts and tools can you use when resolving disputes?

About the course

The course consists of a series of short videos (between 5 and 20 minutes) on each of the stages of negotiation. The videos are interactive and include questions to test one’s understanding of negotiation strategy and skills.

After watching the videos on the four stages of negotiation, students can participate in one-on-one negotiation that will test their skills as a negotiator. Enrolled students will also receive feedback on what they do well as a negotiator and how to improve.

Start date: any time

Subtitles: English

Length: self-paced online course

Professor:  George Siedel

University: University of Michigan

Platform: Coursera