Founding a company is an endeavour fraught with risks and less-than-bright prospects of success. You may have seen lots of ideas about the things you should do as an entrepreneur. However, there are also things that should be avoided. Here is a video by Entrepreneur that lists the 10 things entrepreneurs should never do.

1. Be jealous or envious

Wasting time focusing on other people’s success will only slow your own progress. You should be able to be happy about other people’s success even if they’re your competitors. It should motivate you rather than make you jealous or envious.

2. Look back

On your path to success, you are inevitably going to face hard times and even failure. Don’t let them bring you down! Find ways to overcome the obstacles and move forward without looking back!

3. Make excuses

Don’t look for excuses if something goes wrong. Instead, search for the cause of the problem and take a valuable lesson out of it, so you avoid making the mistake again.

4. Stop learning

Your age, years of experience, or level of success should never prevent you from learning. You should always continue to learn and be inspired from by other entrepreneurs, whether they’re billionaires or those just starting the entrepreneurial journey.

5. Associate with negative individuals

Avoid people who constantly complain and have a negative perspective. These people can affect you with their negative aura. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who share your enthusiasm and determination.

6. Wake up without a plan

Time management is a crucial part of being an entrepreneur. If you don’t have a plan for achieving your goals day by day, you will be very troubled. To be efficient, prior to starting your day you need to know your goals and what tasks you need to get done.

7. Be scared to make changes and adapt

If you’re not open to changes, you limit yourself to the point where you won't progress any more. Always try to keep up with the trends of your industry and put a piece of yourself into your product/service in order to stand out.

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8. Let your bark be bigger than your bite

Don’t talk about what you’re going to do. Plan, follow through and conquer! Nothing is going to get accomplished just by talking about it.

9. Focus only on the dollar sign and decimal points

If you focus on creating a valuable product or service, it will always pay off. There is no point in focusing on money - if you are passionate about your product, the money will always come.

10. Let failure stop you

You have to accept that there is always a chance of failure. If you fail, just think of it as a part of your growth and keep giving the best you can to get better.