What part do knowledge and technology play in the activities of business organisations? What is the responsibility of decision makers when they cannot influence the effects of the global environment? Could understanding these topics help us make sense of phenomena such as the global financial crisis?

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About the course

Are you a graduate who’s new to the world of work? Would you like to understand some of the key trends affecting organisations today? Are you keen to think about how the workplace is likely to change in the future?

Learn how knowledge, technology, ethics, and globalisation affect businesses today, with this free online course for graduates.

What you will learn

This free online course will give you the following insights, looking at four themes over six weeks:

  • Knowledge: What does our shift towards a knowledge economy, away from manual labour, mean for both business and society?
  • Technology: How do organisations develop and/or use technology, and protect their intellectual property? How are the concepts of copyright, reliability and intellectual property changing today?
  • Ethics: Does the rise of corporate social responsibility and environmental issues mean that businesses are more morally and socially responsible today?
  • Globalisation: How do organisations perform on the world stage and balance the global with the local? What does living in a global village mean for organisations, as well as individuals, today and tomorrow?

The course will culminate with an exploration of the complex phenomenon of the global financial crisis, which will be examined in the context of the four themes.

Whatever field you’d like to work in – for-profit, non-profit or third sector – this course will help you explore the world of business, in which all organisations are embedded.

You’ll learn about the trends that are particularly forceful today and which together, determine the playing field for any organisation today and will shape the world of modern business and organisations tomorrow.


The course is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the world of modern business and organisations, and will be of particular interest to those who have graduated from fields other than business.

It is delivered at graduate level - this means that it is thinking-intensive and relatively complex. However, it doesn’t require specific knowledge of any particular topic, as all concepts are built up from scratch.

Some work experience in a business environment, not necessarily in a business organisation, however limited, would be beneficial.

About the instructor

Viktor Dörfler is a senior lecturer in Information and Knowledge Management. He is interested in areas of personal and organisational knowledge and learning as well as supporting these with information systems.

Starting date:  23 January, 2017

Duration:  6 weeks, 6 hours per week

Language: English

Instructors: Viktor Dörfler

InstitutionUniversity of Strathclyde 


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