It will also take you back through the historical development of innovations that are important in our daily lives.

This free online course is just one of a series about ‘innovation’. If you are one of those people that are amazed by new technologies and different innovations this course will grab your attention.

About the course

The course covers different innovations throughout human history, identifying that very few innovative ideas are new; the vast majority take something that is already working and improve it, be it a product, service or process. You will have the chance to consider the development of an innovation that you are particularly interested in and, through a short project, produce and share with other learners your interpretation of its history.

Throughout the course you will join a community of online learners, providing an opportunity for interactive learning with other students both in the UK and internationally. The course will help you with making decisions about which subject to study at university and will give you examples and evidence when developing your university application.

What you’ll learn

This course aims to:

  • provide evidence for UCAS applications and prepare you for university.
  • enable you to gain new skills, think critically and learn independently.
  • encourage online/social learning.
  • develop collaborative and analytical skills.
  • embed current research into your online learning.

Starting date: 2 May 2016

Duration: 2 weeks

Language: English

Instructor: Dan Trowsdale

Institution: University of Leeds


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