A member of the School of Law at the University of Manchester inspects an academic transcript to determine whether the applicant is suitable to join their selected course units during a study abroad programme.

In this video Gillian Ulph reviews the application submitted by one candidate looking to study law at the University of Manchester.

This particular student graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia. Ms. Ulph looks first at the modules which the applicant would like to study. Then she reviews the candidate’s academic transcript to see if it corresponds to the prerequisites of the applicant’s desired modules. Ms. Ulph notices that the student studied law thereby qualifying for the modules he wants to enrol in at the School of Law. Hence she authorises the candidate’s application and the student will be able to enrol upon admission.

What is an Academic Transcript?

An academic transcript is an official summary of your academic performance and progress to date. It will only include final marks confirmed by the appropriate Examination Board. A transcript may be required by prospective employers or educational institutions to which you are applying. Many universities will require you to have a decent GPA from your Bachelor’s degree studies in order to qualify for admission to a Master’s programme. Although a Bachelor’s degree is a requirement for enrolment to postgraduate studies, you may actually begin your application for admission in the last semester of your undergraduate studies.

When you apply to a particular business school you will need to submit official academic transcripts from your undergraduate institution showing the courses taken, the scores of each course and the overall GPA.

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Some Master’s programmes may also require you to have a Bachelor’s degree in a subject area close to the Master’s field of specialisation, or even some relevant professional experience. The latter may well be the case with some of the top Master in Finance programmes. Check these requirements carefully well in advance.