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Quick Facts:

  • Some business schools are worried that some applicants will gain enough work experience and will pass on studying for an MBA, and for that reason they are beginning to admit younger students without experience.
  • Harvard Business School has created the 2+2 Program, offered to students who are currently in college or undertaking a master’s degree. Its structure is two years of work experience and two years in the HBS MBA program.
  • Yale School of Management‘s Silver Scholars Program offers college seniors the chance to earn a three-year MBA degree directly after graduation.
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business offers deferred enrollment for candidates over 28. Stacy gives the following advice to candidates:

Selected Quote:

"When a client asks, ’Am I too old (or too young) for an MBA?’ we tell them that it’s not about chronological age. It’s more about maturity, readiness, and where you are in your career. Sometimes these things can be linked to age, but that’s not a certainty. Instead, think about what you want to gain from and what you can contribute to an MBA program. You may be 22 but have a ton of insight to share and highly focused career goals. That would give you a leg up on the 28-year-old who is lost and just using the MBA as something to fill the time.

Useful Information:

  • If you are in your mid-30’s make sure you demonstrate how you have grown professionally over the years, and how getting an MBA will lead you closer to achieving your future goals.
  • If you are a younger candidate, demonstrating your maturity and ability to focus will enable the admissions team to see you as a successful contribution to their incoming class.

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Source: Stacy Blackman