The presenter in the video provides his arguments and examples of how a good GPA makes a difference for your career and growth.

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In addition to the video, here is some background information about the value of GPA. These details can help you build your own arguments about how high school and college grades may affect your future.

What is GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average, or the grades that appear on your academic transcript. The academic grades are something that universities look at when reviewing applications for admission. The GPA is calculated by averaging your grades together based on a point system which varies per country. For example, the maximum in the USA is 4.0.

There are two types of college GPA: semester and cumulative GPA. The semester GPA represents the student’s progress for that specific semester, while the cumulative GPA displays the student’s academic standing for their courses since matriculation into the college.

How GPA matters in college admission

According to a survey of the National Association of College Admission Counsellors (NACAC), grades in college prep courses were the most important factor weighing on the admissions' decision. Grades in all courses ranked as the fourth most important factor, behind strength of curriculum and scores of college admission tests  ACT and SAT.

Curriculum and GPA need to balance out on the student’s transcript. Having slightly lower grades in a very challenging curriculum will go farther than having higher grades without challenging classes.

Colleges also look for an upward trend in GPA over the high school career. Another crucial thing that universities admissions officers are looking for is a balance between coursework, extracurricular activities and maybe even a job that doesn’t adversely without a large impact on the student’s GPA.

Does GPA affect your job application?

As far as job searching is concerned, a high GPA score – especially one from a well-known school – can compensate for a lack of or insufficient work experience. Have in mind that a good GPA indicates that you have put some effort into your studies, and that certainly will make a good impression on your future employer.

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