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  • If you work within a flat organizational structure, focus on presenting excellent quantifiable results, and times when you took initiative and accepted challenges.
  • Holding the same position for a long period of time is not necessarily a bad thing – use it to your advantage by splitting your role into segments and highlighting key milestones you met.
  • On the other hand, having a pattern of short stints may send the signal that you are uncommitted to your professional development, unless you have an explanation that clearly justifies your transitions. Stacy gives an example:

Selected Quote:

One client we worked with had hopped around in five different roles at various technology startups with no real upward mobility prior to applying to business school. But in different ways, each one of those positions contributed to his post-MBA goal of creating technology that can teach tech skills in an engaging way to underserved populations. He carefully connected those dots within his essays and later in his interview to show how the puzzle pieces fit. If you feel concerned that the admissions team may not understand how an MBA would help you reach your professional goals, use the optional essay to make the case that your decision was not capricious but reasoned and well thought out.

Useful Information:

  • If you have received constant negative performance reviews or have been demoted, the application essay is the perfect tool to use to bring out the lessons you have learned and explain how you are growing from past failures. This is a mature approach which will prove to the admission team your mindfulness and dedication to self-improvement.

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