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  • The most successful MBA resumes are in the form of success stories, showing the admissions committee great results and career advancement. When presented with obstacles, your positive qualities and character strengths should be highlighted as getting past the challenge.
  • Admissions officers are not bothered about the number of activities you have taken part in, but rather about the impact you left on the community.
  • Using jargon may confuse the admissions team, so avoid using it.
  • The best MBA resumes focus on soft skills, such as teamwork or uniting people towards achieving a common goal.
  • An MBA resume should ideally be one page, and never longer than two. Editing is a part of the process of creating a great resume, so do not stress over it in the beginning, when you are still gathering ideas. Of course, having someone look over all of your drafts will reassure you that it reads well.
  • Telling the truth is always your best bet in securing and keeping your spot as an MBA student. Ilana explains:

Chosen Quote:

Experts say a big part of an MBA admissions officer’s job involves judging applicants’ credibility. It is foolish to inflate credentials on your resume. Deceitful MBA applicants who are caught out during the application process are automatically rejected, and those who are mistakenly admitted are typically expelled if their lies are discovered.

Useful Information:

  • Although your leadership will be tested and amplified during your MBA studies, it is important to go into the program with at least a foundation of the skill, so make sure to mention how you exercised it in the past.
  • Give specific details as proof of the achievements you are listing. Quantifying results is one way of impressing the admissions team with your performance.
  • If you have extensive experience in your field, include only those positions which brought you closer to your professional success.

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