Many of you now have an online identity running alongside your everyday lives. When applying to university, to graduate B-school for an MBA or a specialised Master’s degree programme, or for a job, it is a common practice nowadays that recruiters check out your online profiles and activity.

So, you should make sure that the Internet presents you exactly the way you want, because this is often the first point where people make a quick research about you. Thus, your online presence can  build the first impression of you and you know that there is no second chance to make a first impression.

In this free online course you will consider your online presence; you will discover how what you say and do online can have major implications on your real live, and those of others. You will also spend time looking at how to assess and enhance your online identities to ensure that you get the most out of being yourself online.

About the course

The “Learning Online: Managing Your Identity” free online course will help you reflect on how you want to present yourself online and take positive steps towards these goals. Throughout the course you will be part of a community of online learners, providing an opportunity for interactive learning with other students. Aimed at prospective students both in the UK and internationally, this online course provides a ‘taster’ of studying at the University of Leeds.

What you will learn

The course is designed to complement your existing studies and aims to:

  • help you to gain new skills, think critically and learn independently
  • encourage online / social learning
  • develop collaborative and analytical skills
  • embed current research into your online learning

Starting date: 1 August 2016

Duration: 2 weeks

Language: English

Institution: University of Leeds