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Question: Is work experience necessary to get accepted into a top MBA program?

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  • A candidate doubts whether work experience is such a crucial factor in determining whether you get accepted into a prestigious MBA program.

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  • Work experience of at least two years is necessary, otherwise you might not bring in much valuable insight to the classroom. Business schools will not only educate you but are expecting shared input among their students so they can grow from each other.
  • When you gain admission to an MBA, business schools gain your entire list of industry contacts, which in turn strengthens the alumni network.


Work experience is not strictly necessary. There are a few rare people who can get into top MBA programs with no experience. In fact, some top MBA programs even run special programs that foster this sort of thing. The Wharton MBA program has a 3+2 sub-matriculation program with the Wharton BS program where somebody can get both degrees in 5 years. However, it is true that it is extremely difficult to get into a top MBA program with no work experience. Almost all successful candidates have extensive experience. The average level of work experience ranges from 4-6 years.

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