This is a video recording of the webinar held on January 24th, 2019. PrepAdviser was joined with SSM Business School President Prof. Massimiliano Bracalé, and two alumni Paul Pop and Emma Smith to share how the school’s Swiss MBA in Rome creates the leaders of tomorrow.


  1. A leader is someone who is a good listener. A great leader is not only there to run projects, but collaborate with team members. This is the difference between what makes a leader and a manager. Emma adds:

    A leader will listen to his or her employees. Perhaps they are working on project—they will seek the opinion of their employees, in order to unify those ideas and in that way find the best solution. A leader is not someone who simply tells you what to do; it’s someone you work side-by-side with. I’m sure you’ll see a manager versus a leader in your current workplace through the way your boss communicates with you. A leader is also someone who is willing to step up. If there is something that is not easy to do, or maybe a task that is somewhat boring or tiring, a leader will take ownership to complete it professionally.

  2. A leader inspires everyone to want to work together in order to bring new success to the company. Paul reminds us:

    A company is the sum of all of its people, it’s not just the CEO.

  3. A leader is self-critical and looks up to role models. Massimiliano shares that he has role models who inspire him to work hard and continue developing his skills. He has a list of things he would like to improve and get better at, in order to reach new goals.

    To be successful is a never-ending exploration and process of learning.

Emma concludes by confidently calling herself a leader.

I think last year I wasn’t sure when Massimiliano asked me. I can definitely say now it’s reflected a lot in my work but also in my life. I think that this year at SSM has taught me what leadership means, how to implement that and realizing that it is entirely different from simply managing people. Also, it can come in different aspects of your life, not just at work at your job.

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