Is it an advantage to have a great job title or work for a great company? And what role does nationality play in all of this? Travis Morgan, Director of Admissions Consulting for Veritas Prep, has the answers to all of these questions in this edition of "Timeout with Trav"!

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In this video, Travis answers a question sent from a future MBA candidate, Sukanya, who asked:

I want to pursue my MBA in 2-3 years at an American school, and in the meantime have received two job opportunities – one at a good company in America, and one for a better position at a company in India. Which job will look better on my future application?

The general advice offered by Travis is to take the MBA out of the equation altogether and look ahead to your post-MBA goal. Think about which position is going to get you from here to there better and what recruiters will recognize as being the most valuable experience for you. That is what MBA recruiters will want for you as well. It is not the case that they have some major agenda and they only want certain people with certain experience. They just want to ensure that you will be able to achieve your professional goals.

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In this case, however, he gives slightly different advice: especially when you’re coming from a geographic location that is very over-represented, such as India, one of the greatest differentiators that you can have in your application is multicultural experience outside of your home country. So, even if the role may be slightly less prestigious, taking a job in the US may be more valuable to you, because then you can gain that multicultural experience that will benefit you for the rest of your career. The MBA admissions officers will definitely recognize that.