In the last edition of Morgan’s Timeout with Trav series, he answers a question from a prospective student from India, who has two job opportunities – one at a good company in America and one for a better position at a firm in India. She wants to know which job would look better on her future MBA application.

Don’t underestimate work experience

Work experience is one of the key components that you need to consider if you’ve decided to apply for an MBA programme. It's essential that you gain experience that will impress business school admissions counsellors and help you stand out from the crowd.

When people ask about what career path they should take, Morgan says he typically advises them to take the MBA plans out of the equation altogether and look ahead to their post-MBA goals. Candidates should ask themselves what position would get them from here to there, or what recruiters would recognise as being the most valuable experience.

International experience is highly valued

However, in this case Morgan gives slightly different advice.

If you are coming from a country which is over-represented, such as India, one of the great differentiators you may have in your application is your multicultural experience. In this case, even if the role may be slightly less prestigious, taking a role in the US may be the better choice because this experience will benefit the student for the rest of her career. In addition, MBA admissions officers will recognise this as well. Morgan says that international work experience will set the student apart from other applicants coming from India.

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As you see, there are no hard-and-fast rules for the kind of work experience you need to amass before pursuing an MBA. It all depends on the circumstances and the individual’s personal situation. So take your time and consider all the aspects carefully before making a decision on your future career path.