KEDGE Business School is the largest French Business School with over 20+ management programs taught in English, including 2 undergraduate programs, 1 MIM and multiple specialised MSc programs.

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You will meet:
- Prayag Raj Tripathi, KEDGE, Manager South Asia;
- Camila Roa, KEDGE, Manager Americas, Europe;
- Ms. Apeksha Patil, Alumna, Master’s in wine and spirits management.

KEDGE Business School is a leading French management school with 4 campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulon), 3 associate campuses in France (Avignon, Bastia and Bayonne) and 4 abroad (2 in China in Shanghai and Suzhou, and 2 in Africa in Dakar and in Abidjan). KEDGE community is made up of 15,000 students (23% of whom are foreign students), 180 permanent professors (45% of whom are international), 274 international academic partners and 75,000 graduates worldwide. KEDGE offers 36 courses in management and design for students and professionals, and deploys tailor-made courses for companies at national and international level.