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We say "Hi" to Philippe Barr and speak about the power of networking. Find out why networking has the power to enhance your study experience inside and outside the classroom!

 Philippe is a Founder of AdmitLab and a professional consultant for MBA and Master's students. He helps people select the right program and supports them throughout the application process. Are you interested in hearing what Philippe shares about networking?

Here is a little hint for you:  A very important research on human capital and networking shows that people who really leverage the power of networking,  grow more professionally, get better jobs and salaries, and get promoted more quickly than people who don't do networking. Moreover, this research shows that people who have good networks are happier, more satisfied, and have a life that seems to be more meaningful to them.

Philippe believes that future MBA and Master students should learn more about the culture of the university/business school where they intend to study because it is more important to find the right place than the best-ranked one! If you think this way too, you can use Unimy's Cultural Fit test to find the right program for yourself!

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