Worried about the GMAT?

  • Want a high GMAT score, but not sure where to start?
  • Have been studying for a while, but your progress has been slow?
  • Need a refresher of the basic concepts tested on the exam?

Join us to discover how to ace the GMAT - even if you're not a "Math" person or English is not your first language!

 You will learn:

  • Why is the GMAT difficult (it might not be what you think)
  • Practical Quant and Verbal GMAT strategies you can use right now
  • Step-by-step process to achieve a 700+ GMAT score in 2-3 months

As a bonus, you'll get a set of free online study resources, including a free online practice test (with explanations) and a free GMAT Math formula sheet!

This short seminar will save you hours of preparation.

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