GMAT and GRE are both standardized tests, but they are tailored differently. Finding the one that is a better fit will help you score higher and make your test prep journey more efficient.

Choosing the right exam for you can be a tough choice. To save time and be effective in your exam preparation it is essential that you make a wise decision when choosing between GMAT or GRE in the first place.

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Our speakaer will be Anshul Bhat, founder of 700+Club. He is a test prep strategy expert, Quant tutor and top B-school admission guide. He has 10 years of experience in standardised test preparation and has guided thousands of students to their best scores.

700+Club is a student- centric, venture backed online test prep and admission consulting company. Every year they help thousands of students achieve their best scores and get admitted to the top B-schools around the world.