You might be surprised to learn that every year 1,000's of candidates with 700+ GMAT scores are rejected by business schools. Despite their high GMAT scores, these candidates failed to convince the admissions committees that the rest of their profiles are competitive. In this seminar, you'll learn how to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

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- how you can structure your personal statement to pique the interest of the admissions committee;
- how to tell a compelling story;
- how to stand out as a candidate

Speaker will be Sergey Kouk - senior coach at Admit Master, one of the leading boutique test preparation, admissions consulting, and career coaching companies in North America. Sergey will share his experience working with 1,000's of clients over 10+ years in the MBA Admissions consulting industry.

Admit Master is a boutique test preparation, admissions consulting, and career coaching company, founded in 1998 in Toronto, Canada, the fastest-growing study destination for international students. Wherever you are located, we will be delighted to provide the highest-quality, personalized learning experience that will help you get a high GMAT score, apply to your dream business school, and achieve your true career potential.