Number properties is a super important, but often quite difficult GMAT quant topic. This webinar will take you through some important strategies aimed at helping you master commonly tested questions regarding: 

1) integers and divisibility;

2) non-zero digit properties;

3) remainders.  

We will redefine “integer” in a way that makes number properties questions much more manageable. For non-zero digit problems, we’ll discuss the importance of the number 10, and how to use the prime factorization of 10 to solve these problems.  Finally, we’ll define remainders and discuss a quick method for remainder problems.  

For each of these topics, we’ll do practice GMAT questions together that use the strategies we discuss.


Here is a short bio of our speker:
Yuri Gottesman founded TestCrackers GMAT & GRE Prep in 2012 and has taught the GMAT and GRE to thousands of students since then.  He scored a 760 on the GMAT (1st attempt) and wrote the coursebook for TestCrackers’ GMAT and GRE quant classes.  He helped gather the most experienced, skilled, and best-reviewed GMAT teachers in the US, and together they teach live, online GMAT classes, as well as in-person classes in Northern California.