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  • Applying for scholarships requires a lot of writing. You need to be meticulous when answering the questions, giving specific examples with proof of your accomplishments.
  • Many scholarships are given to students who come from immigrant families. These are national scholarships which sometimes form ties with NGOs and various business schools. One example is Forté Foundation, which requires the student to apply to a sponsored school which determines whether the student will receive the fellowship.
  • A majority of schools offer scholarships during their application period. Candidates need to apply separately and it’s important to remember to stay on top of the deadlines, while juggling the other components of the application package.
  • Specific scholarships will offer full-tuition; however, apart from credentials, test scores and achievements, the candidate will need to demonstrate that they are a strong fit for the school in terms of shared interests and values.
  • Combining small scholarships together is a smart strategy that will definitely help you fund your MBA degree.

Useful Information:

  • Be confident and don’t sell yourself short. Chicago Businessman C.Adam Callery advises candidates to apply to as many scholarships as possible. You shouldn’t be shy when approaching the process. Applicants will often feel uncomfortable— as if they are bragging, but it’s crucial to put those notions to the side. He adds:

Selected Quote:

Humility gets in the way, where people will not be specific enough about the accomplishments that they made in their community.

  • After editing your written material, make sure to give it to someone else to look over as well – there might have been something you forgot to include.

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