The contest launched on 17 September and offers a USD 25,000 scholarship to an array of participating business schools. Last contest's winner, Victor Cannilla, a management consultant, scored higher than nearly 3,000 other contest entrants and wrote the best essay in a tie-breaker competition.

The purpose of The “Brightest Minds” contest is to find one of the world’s brightest minds who is seeking to attend business school and help fund his or her education.

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The contest is open to anyone who is considering pursuing an MBA or EMBA. The deadline to enter is 30 November, 2018. The winner will be announced by 4 January, 2019. The winner may apply their USD 25,000 scholarship towards tuition at any of the partnering business schools:

  • The University of Virginia Darden School of Business (US)
  • The Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University (US)
  • International Business School
  • University of Liverpool Management School (UK)
  • Schulich School of Business (Canada)
  • Alliance Manchester Business School (UK)
  • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (Netherlands)
  • SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy)
  • Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration (Hong Kong)
  • Birmingham Business School (UK)

How to participate

Each entrant must complete the full-length (2.5-hour) Economist GMAT simulation test. Each entrant may sign up for and take the test only once. Any attempt by any person to obtain more than one entry via any method will void all of that person's entries and that person will be disqualified. As on the actual GMAT, the only aid an entrant may use on the test in this competition is an erasable notepad and a marker. Entrants must complete the test alone without the aid of any other person(s). Entrants must complete the test in the allotted time, and may utilize optional breaks officially provided during the test. Once begun, the test may not be paused for any other reason. Incomplete tests will not be considered. Entrants must be willing to attend one of the sponsor business schools in either 2018 or 2019.


The winner will be the entrant with the highest simulation test score. If two or more entrants tie for the highest score, they will be contacted by email and asked to submit an essay in the form of an Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) modeled after a typical AWA question one would encounter on the GMAT. Each tying entrant must submit his/her essay by the deadline to be provided by The Economist. The essay will be in the same format as on the GMAT. The AWA consists of one 30-minute essay: Analysis of an Argument. The essay must be written in English. The topic and more information regarding the essay and requirements will be announced at the time of the tie-breaker. Specific knowledge of the essay topic is not necessary; only the participant’s capacity to write analytically will be assessed.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

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