In this video, the Kaplan GRE instructor Lucia Goin talks about the standardised steps to take in order to successfully prepare for the GRE admission test. There isn’t just one way to prepare for the GRE. Every student chooses a different method according to their personal preferences. However, there are some standardised ways that we can discuss approaching how to study.

The first thing that everyone should do, prior to starting their preparation, is to take a diagnostic test. The results you will get from this test will serve as a guide for you to indicate which areas you need to improve and which are your strengths per section. It is best if you do this in a quiet space and do your best to simulate the conditions of the real exam.

Overall, setting a really specific structure and day to day study activity is very important. GRE is completely self-motivated because you’re the only one doing it and this is why it’s very easy to procrastinate. That leads us to another important step - to make a schedule and assign yourself exercises to complete every day. Try to integrate your weaknesses with your everyday study habits as well as to reinforce your strengths. That is something that people often forget to do.

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Preparing yourself emotionally and embracing those questions that you did wrong is also a very important step that you have to take into account. They help you set a path to get better. Getting really excited is also a very good practice because, after all, it is a really big step you are undertaking with the GRE exam.

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