The webinar, held on 14 December, was hosted by Wouter Schut, Academic and Marketing Specialist at ETS Global. In addition to a general overview, he offered registration tips, revealed what test takers can expect on test day, explained how scores are sent, and also went through a list of tools that future test takers can use to prepare.


Overview of the GRE® General Test

What is the GRE® and why should you consider taking it? The test is used around the world for admission to Master’s, MBA, specialized Master’s, business, and doctoral programs. In addition, many law schools now accept GRE® scores. Overall, nearly 1,300 schools accept the GRE®.

In this part of the webinar, Wouter explains the structure of the text and goes through its contents, providing specific details to help you understand how each measure of the test works.

Registration tips

Of course, to be able to sit the test you need to register first. How do you do it? Wouter walks you through the registration process. One of the crucial tips he offers is to register early because in doing so you are more likely to book a spot for your preferred testing location on a date that is convenient for you.

What to expect on test day

This part of the webinar elaborates on the kind of documents you need to bring with you and the procedures you need to follow. You can view the procedures either on the GRE® website or the registration bulletin. It is important not to forget your ID because without it you will not be permitted to enter the testing facility.

It is crucial that you have thought of a strategy about how to approach the test. Luckily, Wouter offers tips and strategies for mastering the test.

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Getting and sending your scores

You will understand how the test is scored and what scoring scales are used. You will also find out what happens if you choose to report your score or cancel it. You will also learn about the score select option, which allows you to put your best scores forward.

Tools to help you prepare

Wouter also reviews some tools that you can use to prepare for the exam such as POWERPREP Online, GRE® Math Review, GRE® Math Conventions, a number of books/guides, and apps.

If you want to learn more about the GRE®, watch the webinar to see the full picture. And, of course, good luck on your exam!

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