The final week before you take the GRE is a crazy time. These three very direct and concrete tips that you can follow in your final week of prep for the GRE, will help you regain some confidence and make you ready for the real exam.

Take a practice test

Early in that week, take a practice test and review every single question from that practice test. If you get a great score – awesome! That would be a nice confidence boost. If you get a bad score, then it’s a good thing you got that bad score out of your system, before you took the real GRE. So either way it’s a winning move. Try to get every single advantage you can out of your final practice test.

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Focus on your strengths

This may seem a bit backwards. Indeed, you need to focus on your weaknesses, but not in the final week. If you focus on your weaknesses too much near the end, you might psych yourself out, so focus on your strengths. There are 2 main benefits to this. First, even if you’re already scoring high on a section, you can always score more. And the second benefit is, of course, this will further boost your confidence.

Drive to the testing centre

Uncertainty is a huge source of anxiety for most people. When you’re driving somewhere new for the first time there’s a lot of questions and uncertainty rolling around your mind. You wonder if you’re going to find the highway exit, the parking lot, how to check in and so on. Who wants all this anxiety on the day of this really important exam? Nobody. Therefore, if your test is on a Saturday, drive to the place on Thursday or Friday, find out where the testing centre is, and ensure you are confident about getting there. That way when Saturday comes around, all you will have to do is wake up, put on some clothes, relax and then go dominate your GRE.

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