Speaking to friends and family in English is easy if it is your local language. But will this really help you if you are preparing for the IELTS Speaking test? No. Many test takers feel nervous about sitting the test. If you feel this way too, you’re certainly not alone! Here are some interesting and practical ideas to help you improve your English speaking skills, so you can feel positive and prepared to sit your IELTS Speaking test.

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Speak English

Speak it as much as possible with friends, at work, or even while you are shopping. Chat about a common topic of interest and pretend you are sitting an actual IELTS exam. Speak in full English sentences. Be adventurous! Try out some new English words you have just learned. Practice using adjectives to express your feelings or opinions. For example:

I like this pizza. It’s delicious and satisfying. The cheese is tasty and the vegetables are fresh.

Listen to yourself speaking

Few of us have heard ourselves speak. Here is an idea: why not record yourself? It is a great way to check your pronunciation, or learn if you need to speak slower or faster to express yourself more clearly.

What if you know little about the topic?

No stress. The Speaking test measures your level of English, not your accent and definitely not your opinions! You can make something up as long as it relates to the topic.

Get to know the assessment criteria

Find out what criteria you must meet to achieve the band score you are aiming for. If the Speaking test makes you feel nervous, relax – you are definitely not alone. So, do not lose sleep over it – just keep practicing!

Learning the English language opens up many pathways to success. Remember, taking the time to improve your English will help improve your score!

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