In this video, Eliot, the IELTS expert at Magoosh, explains how a study plan or study schedule can make a big difference to your IELTS score.

What is an IELTS study plan?

So what are study schedules and how can you use them to improve your studying so you can boost your score in the exam? A study schedule is something designed to help you organise your time. You may have one month, six months or just a week to prepare, and the question a schedule helps you answer is: “How can I organise my time most efficiently and in a way that’s going to benefit me the most in terms of increasing my score?”

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A study schedule gives you materials to study and helps you pace yourself over time and in an appropriate way in order to make your studying the most efficient possible.


Another thing a study schedule does is prioritise subject matter. Some things are more important to study than others, depending on how much time you have. For example, if you have six months to study, that’s a long time to prepare. It may make sense for you to sign up for some classes, or it may make sense for you to focus on grammar. If you only have a week to study, this kind of studying is not going to benefit you as much. You simply can’t substantially improve your grammar in one week.

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Watch the video to learn about the importance of the study schedule. You can find Magoosh’s one month IELTS study plan here. Hopefully, you will learn how to make the best of your time and achieve an impressive score.