[0:07] Q: Could you first present yourself and the school that you work for?

[0:16] A: My name is Galia Alessi and I am the student recruitment manager at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, located in the heart of Europe. I will be presenting four MBA programmes that we have in our portfolio during today’s Access MBA event.

[0:53] Q: Do you accept the GMAT and the GRE? Do you have a school-specific test?

[1:01] A: One of the three is required for admission. We offer our own Frankfurt School Admission Test which is quite similar to the GMAT and the GRE. It depends on which programme you are applying for. We have four MBA programmes – an Executive MBA programme, an MBA in International Healthcare Management, a part-time and a full-time MBA programme. If you are applying to the Executive MBA or the MBA in International Healthcare Management, we will not require a GMAT or GRE score. We have a different assessment process for these two programmes.

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[1:55] Q: For the programmes that require a GMAT or GRE score, do you pay more attention to some sections over others?

[2:03] A: First of all, I would also like to mention that we do not have a minimum or a cut-off score. It’s the whole application package that counts. But there is actually no specific section that we prefer or pay more attention to.

[2:30] Q: How important is the test score when it comes to scholarships?

[2: 36] A: When it comes to scholarships, everything counts. It’s not only the GMAT score. We look at the score in combination with the skills, the grades from the applicant’s first academic degree, their international experience, and of course their performance during the interview. The interview is also very important.

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