[0:24] Q: When it comes to academic experience, or work experience, what do you look for in a Master’s application?

[0:32] A: Applicants should at least have a Bachelor’s degree, but the program starts with a four-month pre-Master’s program so our students can reach the right academic level. In addition, applicants shouldn’t have more than two years of work experience so as to ensure a level playing field.

[1:27] Q: Do you require GMAT, GRE, or probably an internal, school-specific test?

[1:38] A: We accept the GMAT, the GRE, but there is also the Nyenrode admissions test, which is an LTP test for EQ and IQ assessment. For instance, it tests the candidate’s analytical and numerical logic. We prefer students to take our internal test because it’s specific to our program.

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[2:22] Q: How important are the tests with regards to the whole application?

[2:30] A: Test results can be very important, especially if you wish to receive a scholarship. However, we don’t regard test scores as more important than other aspects of the application package such as the CV, the English proficiency test result, and the personal assessment.

[3:30] Q: Are there sections that you pay more attention to when it comes to the exams?

[3:37] A: It’s hard to say. All the sections viewed together give a full picture of the applicant. At Nyenrode, our mission is serving society by shaping responsible leaders, so the EQ part will be very important, but there is also a focus on developing our students during their studies at a personal level.

[4:07] Q: What kind of scholarships do you offer and what do you require from applicants?

[4:16] A: We have different types of scholarships. We organize business games a few times during the year which give the chance to win scholarships of EUR 15,000 and 10,000. Next, there is the director’s award. In the second phase of your admissions’ process you will have a personal assessment with our program director, and as a result of that you can receive a scholarship of up to EUR 10,000. There is also the Orange Tulip scholarship, for which we have selected eight countries this time.

[5:07] Q: How important is the application interview and what do you look for during that part of the application?

[5:16] A: The personal assessment is the most important part of your application. This is an interview with the program director which is designed to give us an idea of who you are. We are a small university and it’s nice to know the people who get admitted.

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