[0:21] Q: I would like to ask you a couple of questions about admission to your business school. What kind of questions should applicants ask b-school representatives so that they can make a good impression during the interview?

[0:32] A: This is a very good question actually. I would advise candidates to ask questions based on the homework they did. For any business school, including ESADE, it is very important to understand what motivates candidates’ applications. So anything that our candidates would like to ask based on the preparation and the research they did about the school and the programme would definitely be appreciated.

[1:07] Q: What are some common mistakes that MBA candidates could easily avoid?

[1:14] A: I would say that probably the biggest mistake is not taking enough time to prepare the application. Knowing the real motivation behind a candidate’s application is very important for us. We want to understand if the candidate would be a good fit for our programme. So, take some time working on the application and also make sure the time is right for taking the entrance exams. It’s also important to make sure that your application is ready on time.

[2:07] Q: What do you pay most attention to in an application essay? And also, how many essays do you require?

[2:13] A: We require quite a lot of essays as part of the application. The most important thing for us is to make sure that what we see through the application is the real candidate. I would say the motivation and profile are the most important. I would advise our candidates not to try to give the answer that they think we expect, but to be honest when answering essay questions and demonstrate who they really are.

[3:00] Q: How important is the GMAT score for admission to your programme?

[3:05] A: The GMAT score is obviously very important because when applying to top business schools the GMAT is going to be part of the application process. However, at ESADE we take into consideration other aspects as well because we evaluate applicants holistically. To answer your question: The GMAT is important indeed, but it is viewed as part of the whole profile evaluation.

[3:44] Q: Do you require the GRE or some school-specific test in addition to the GMAT?

[3:52] A: The GMAT and the GRE are the two main tests accepted by ESADE Business School.

[4:03] Q: What does the test score reveal to you? Do you favour some test sections?

[4:08] A: Once again, talking about the holistic approach, it’s very important for us to evaluate all the candidates based on the very same selection criteria. That’s why the GMAT and GRE are so important to us. The exams are part of the whole application – we don’t consider scores in isolation.

[4:51] Q: What is the biggest advantage for students attending an AccessMBA event?

[4:57] A: Students have the opportunity to meet real representatives from different schools. Understanding the philosophy of a school is something that cannot happen by simply looking at a website or a brochure.