Your CV /resume is a key source of information for the admissions officers.

The CV /resume for a Master’s or MBA application differs from a job application CV. First check what your targeted university's requirements and recommendations are. Some of them will have a preferred format - e.g. an American style resume, a European CV or something else. Some of the information will also be required in the application form for admission - so make sure it is consistent and accurate in both places.

Here you can find some valuable Tips on How to Write a Professional CV

The essence of the CV /resume is in the facts that you give about yourself.

It is of primary importance that the content is relevant to your application and covers everything the admissions committee takes into consideration when evaluating your application. Do not limit your CV /resume to presenting just your education and work experience. Extracurricular activities, hobbies, interests, achievements and awards, volunteering and community service add valuable information about your personality, interests and potential.

List facts relevant to your application for an MBA or Master’s regardless of whether you have a formal supporting document for them.

It is usually not a requirement. In some cultures, listing a lot about yourself may be treated as a sign of bad manners, so applicants tend to be shy and neglect facts and accomplishments. It is, however, important to realise that a CV /resume is a document in which you list facts because they give information about you to the admissions committee.

Preparing a focused and informative CV /resume takes time and several drafts.

Your main task is to decide what facts to include. At the end, it is always good to have an outsider look at it to make sure all the information is clearly presented. This person should not know you too well, because then he/she will know what is behind your words regardless of the clarity of expression. It is an excellent approach to work with an admissions consultant both for the brainstorming of the content and for improving the clarity.

You might need one version of your CV /resume at the start of your MBA/Master’s research (for a Profile Evaluation or initial introduction to universities) and then a different format and/or adapted content at the time of application which will be prepared to meet the requirements of the specific universities to which you will apply for admission.

Compare Resume and CV and decide which one to use for you MBA Admission