How to contact your B-schools representatives?

Build personal impressions about all the programs you are interested in. An MBA program is a considerable investment in terms of time, effort and money. A Master’s program also takes one or two years of your time away from the job market. There is now a huge choice of MBA and Master’s programs, so you should make sure in advance that your overall experience during your studies will give you what you expect.

In-depth research on the most suitable schools and programs might take more than a year. Be active during this time and take every opportunity to get to meet business school representatives. Always be open to new options.

Attend school presentations in person or online.

Many webinars are now regularly offered by business schools, covering topics like programme details, admission requirements, career services or lectures on current topics by professors from the school. The advantage of real-time presentations (as opposed to recordings) is that you have the chance to ask questions and get immediate answers from school representatives. Live chats are also easily accessible and very informative.

Meet school representatives, students, professors or alumni.

Individual meetings are the best opportunity to get insiders’ perspectives, tips and hints. Be ready with your questions in advance and always be aware of the personal bias of the people you are talking to. University fairs, one-to-one events and single school presentations in your location are all excellent opportunities to get in touch with insiders (admissions officers, current students, alumni and professors) from the schools you are interested in or schools which offer programs in your chosen field of study.

Visit at least one business school within your reach, even if you are not yet sure whether you will apply there.

Most schools have open days on campus where you can take a tour of the school, attend classes, interact with professors and students and get many details from the admissions officers. Even if an open day is not announced, feel free to contact the admissions office and enquire about an individual visit.